Work in Progress: Final Fantasy Tissue Box Cover

In the process of working my way up in difficulty to the needlepoint projects I daydream about, I am making a tissue box cover. I’m pretty sure everyone who’s ever done plastic canvas needlepoint has done at least one of these, and by the time I finish this project I will be no exception. Mine is a simple display of characters from the original Final Fantasy for the NES. The order in which they appear on the box is semi-inspired by 8-bit Theater. I’ve got the fighter and black mage on one long side of the cover, with the white mage and monk on the other long side. The thief and the red mage each have a panel of their own. The final product will have physical and magical damage dealers alternating all the way around the box.

Check out this Final Fantasy plastic canvas album on Flickr for more and larger images.

Final Fantasy plastic canvas pattern
The pattern I made on my computer for one of the long sides.
Final Fantasy plastic canvas outline
First I drew the pattern outline on the plastic and filled it in.
Final Fantasy plastic canvas white_bg
All sides outlined, filling in background.
Final Fantasy plastic canvas color
Starting to add color.

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