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Making the Best Use of Recount, Part 2: Display Window Basics

This is the second in a series of posts about Recount, an add-on for World of Warcraft. It gathers and reports on data taken during combat.

Display Window Basics

The main window is the only one you’ll ever see if you don’t play around with the addon much. It gives you the most basic summaries of the collected data, shown as ranked bar charts. It also has a number of buttons serving various purposes. Not all of these buttons appear on all windows.

Recount: The Basic Window
  1. Window Title
    This just tells you what you’re looking at. In the basic window, it’s the title of the data summary you’re looking at.
  2. Report Data Button
    Clicking this button opens up the Report Data interface, which allows you to share the listed data with your party, raid, guild, or anyone else you can message in the game.
  3. Options Button
    Clicking this button opens up Recount’s options menu. This is not the same as the Recount options under the Add-ons tab in WoW’s interface options! The Interface options panel for Recount and the options accessed through the add-on itself do completely different things.
  4. Button for Choosing Which Fight(s)’s Data to Show
    Clicking this button allows you to select one of several data collections to view analyses of. The default is Overall Data.
  5. Reset Data Button
    Clicking this button cleans Recount’s battle data slate. No confirmation is asked, and all data is irrevocably lost. Resetting the battle data can also be accomplished by typing /recount reset.
  6. Buttons for Scrolling Through Available Data Types
    The default data display is overall Damage Done. Clicking these arrows allows you to scroll through all of the data summary charts.
  7. Hide Recount Button
    Clicking this button closes the Recount display, but doesn’t stop it from collecting and analyzing battle data. This can also be accomplished by typing /recount hide. The window can be recovered by typing /recount show.
  8. Data Summary Display
    This is the ranked summary of the currently selected data type.
  9. Window Resizing Arrow
    Click and drag one of the lower corners to resize the window.

Coming Up Next

In the next section, I will start getting into the depth of detail you can eke out of Recount.

  1. The Introduction
  2. Display Window Basics
  3. Damage Done Details
  4. The DPS Report
  5. Damage Taken and Friendly Fire
  6. Healing Done

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