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The MacEpic Legacy: Wedding Belle

While watching the first live action Death Note movie (and the first half of the second), I worked on the MacEpic Legacy. He received two promotions in quick order, thanks to some opportunities and the fact that his Lifetime Wish and job requirements work together well. With Kevin making more money, upgrades to his house came much faster.

It’s actually kinda homey now. Not the coolest house ever… but not a shack.

Plus and Minus

I expanded twice, adding two decent-sized rooms. The first room became his bedroom; I moved the bed and the trashcan into it to make room for the chair and table in the entryway/kitchen. The second room I added became the study. I made it bigger than its purpose requires to leave room for anything else Kevin might want or need. I was unable to buy a computer yet (needed to wait for the next pay check), so I sent Kevin to bed with the room as it was.

A burglar came in the night and stole his desk chair and his solitary sink. I got off light (good thing the computer was yet unbought), but damn that was annoying.

Biological Clock

The coworker I had hoped to hook Kevin up with aged up and is now too old to bear children. Now I have to go find him a woman who is young and unmarried. Turns out she’s married anyway; Kevin met her daughter at the library and started chatting with her to see if she was romanceable only to find out that she’s yet a teenager.

I ended up adding one more room to the house. This should be plenty of rooms until Kevin has children, so I started trying to woo Zelda Mae. In spite of some traits I’d rather not deal with, her name is Zelda. Kevin gets his very own princess to kick off the family!

Kevin also aged up to adult male status. When he tried to blow out the candles on his cake, it caught on fire. He was able to keep it from spreading long enough for the fireman to get there, so I only lost the cake and the table.

I’m quite vexed about the fact that aging has taken away Kevin’s rice picker hat and I seem unable to get it back.

Finding a Wife

On the plus side, Zelda accepted Kevin’s marriage proposal. Between promotions and job income and all that jazz, the household’s cash on hand is over 10,000 simoleons. As soon as mama gets home, they’re tryin’ for baby. Her Lifetime Wish is to become a rock star, so I would like her to keep her job. Luckily for me, her schedule and Kevin’s work out (at the moment, at least) such that at least one of them is always home. Hooray!

Name: Zelda (Mae) MacEpic

Favorite Food: Peanut butter & Jelly
Favorite Music: Indie
Favorite Color: Pink

Traits: Flirty, Party Animal, Childish, Easily Impressed, Green Thumb

Lifetime Wish: Rock Star

I fully intend to ignore her Party Animal trait; I dislike parties in The Sims even more than I do in real life. Green Thumb will come in handy, though — she can help Kevin keep the garden in order if he falls behind, though he needs the skillups for work. She can also satisfy her social needs by talking to plants, and while I expect to rarely take advantage of that… it’s certainly amusing.

For all the advancements I made this session… I’m still at 2 legacy points.

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