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The MacEpic Legacy: The Jolly Green Hobo

Having created my Sims 3 Legacy Challenge Scorecard, I’ve started a legacy of my own. The family name is MacEpic, and I’ve dubbed the founder, Kevin, the Jolly Green Hobo.

Kevin MacEpic, lean green rice-picking machine

Name: Kevin MacEpic

Favorite Food: Pancakes
Favorite Music: Kids’ Music
Favorite Color: Red

Traits: Bookworm, computer Whiz, Family-Oriented, Lucky, Good Sense of Humor

Lifetime Wish: The Tinkerer

I’m not sure why green and blue are skin color options in Sims 3, but I’m running with it. And by running with it, I mean that everyone born into the family without a bit of green in their skin tone is getting fed to the time stream. I may be dooming myself to an early end for my first run, but that’s okay — Kevin has a rice picker hat.

Having addressed the “jolly green” portion of the title, allow me to elaborate on his hobo-ness. The first thing I did after buying the lot was try to build Kevin a house. I say “try” because the label “house” is too grand for his shitty 3×3 shack. It has a light, a bed, a sink, and a toilet. No floor. No refrigerator. His table and chair are outside the shack. Pa-the-tic.

Kevin’s shitty shack. It doesn’t even have a floor. It does have a roof, though — those are free, and turn invisible as needed.

A Job, a Park Picnic, and a Shower

Almost instantly, Kevin wished to join the science career track. Rather than waiting for a newspaper (and wasting precious time — this dude needs some cashmoney), I trotted him right up to the science lab and got him a job as a lab rat.

His newest lifetime wishes at this point involved learning the basics of the logic skill, so I took him to a park to play chess with himself until bed time. Lucky for fridgeless Kevin, there was also free picnic food at the park. I was able to concentrate more on expanding his house and less on buying him a fridge by taking advantage of that on a regular basis.

He was extremely stinky by the time I got him a shower stall. I crammed it in between the bed and the toilet across from the door. His mood was negatively affected by the lack of paint and flooring, so I upgraded that.

Observant observers will note that the table and chair are still outside.

By the end of the session, Kevin’s house had two rooms. The main room had the kitchen, trash can, and bed; the second room was the bathroom. Both rooms had red walls and floors. The outside was painted brick. Kevin needs to improve his gardening abilities to advance in the science career, so I had him take a gardening class, out of which he came with seeds to plant a small garden outside near the table and chair. Kevin has received a promotion, and is getting ready to expand his house again, so that the living room won’t also be the bedroom.

Total points for the Legacy Challenge currently stand at 2. Since that’s the base amount, I’m not going to bother with a breakdown.

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