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The MacEpic Legacy: Two Deaths, a Marriage, and Three Births

I’ve actually gotten quite a bit of Sims 3 in, even though I’ve been busy with rehearsals and work and school. It’s easy to play 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there… and harder to chronicle things as I go in the process.

The death of Zelda MacEpic. (RIP)
Sorry, lady, you overworked yourself.

Zelda MacEpic perished as soon as she got off work one day. Literally. I failed to get 100,000 aspiration rewards points for her. However, she fulfilled her primary function — giving birth to the heir. I was so close to getting her Lifetime Wish granted, though. Very sad.

I made Frederick go pick up her grave and move it to the graveyard. I was too busy having Kevin perform experiments on everything in sight, trying to get as much use out of his science career as I could before he kicked it. I managed to set things on fire three times in one day doing that, but no one died as a result. In fact, in two of the instances, we got the fire put out before the firemen arrived.

The Next Generation

Frederick MacEpic

Name: Frederick MacEpic

Favorite Food: Fish and Chips
Favorite Music: French
Favorite Color: Sea Foam

Traits: Neurotic, Natural Cook, Easily Impressed, Hopeless Romantic, Never Nude

Lifetime Wish: Illustrious Author

Frederick MacEpic has reached adulthood. He quickly picked up Illustrious Author for his Lifetime Wish, and I agreed. He stays home, writing and painting while his lovely wife works her way up the Military career track. (When she isn’t popping out children, that is. She ended up having about a week and a half off, by the time the third one was born.) And speaking of the wife…

Elisabeth (Donner) MacEpic
The second MacEpic matron.

Name: Elisabeth (Donner) MacEpic

Favorite Food: Hot Dogs
Favorite Music: French
Favorite Color: Blue

Traits: Loner, Loves the Outdoors, Friendly, Family-Oriented, Evil

Lifetime Wish: Martial Arts Master

Her Evil trait has been the most interesting one to deal with. When Kevin was setting things on fire in the name of science, she had a wish to see a family member die in a fire. She also keeps wishing to steal candy from her own children. Although I’m kind of curious to see how that would affect her relationship with her children, I’m on a mission and have resisted that temptation.

Her Lifetime Wish has made China the new cool place to go on vacation. Every time her travel debuff goes away, I send her back so that I can work her up the tournament. I need to work on her visa level a bit more, though… the more days she can stay at a time, the more likely she is to make it to rank ten in the tournament before going the way of Zelda. Since practicing martial arts works the athletic skill, too, she’ll have no problem keeping her athletics high enough for promotions at work.

In with the New, Out with the Old

Frederick and Elisabeth have had three sons. Their names, by order of birth, are Heath, Caspian, and Tertius. They were born just far enough apart that I was able to get by with only two cribs. I’ve been building bedrooms in a 6×4 square format with bed, desk, and laptop. Since you can recolor anything and everything in this iteration of the franchise, I’ve just been using the same textures with new color schemes. The basic scheme of the common rooms of the house are remaining red and pink, in honor of Kevin and Zelda.

The death of Kevin MacEpic
Kevin has also gone the way of Zelda.

Kevin MacEpic perished without seeing the birth of his third grandson. He never retired from the science field, stocking up enough money for the family to live on for a while until Frederick’s and Elisabeth’s careers get off the ground. He was in the middle of writing his third book at the time — a pastime he took up in his later years after Elisabeth took over the gardening.

I’m planning to encourage Heath to take up music as soon as possible; I’d like to shoehorn him into the Rock Star Lifetime Wish in grandma’s place. I have no particular plans for the other children. I may feed them to the time stream… or I may keep them as eternal bachelors against the event of Heath’s demise.

I’m also undecided about having more children. Elisabeth will only be of childbearing years for so long… but on the other hand, I’m bringing in more money from traveling and completing adventures than I am from either of the adult’s jobs. Decisions, decisions.

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