Downtown Juneau

Shop Window

Downtown Juneau is tourist country. It’s as bad as Hawaii in that respect — you step off the cruise ship to face narrow streets overloaded with tiny shops catering to people with money to burn. It thins out a bit as you get away from the docks, but there’s still a tattoo parlor right around the corner from another tattoo parlor and two or three places serving gelato and coffee within five minutes of each other.

Covered Sidewalks

Don’t get me wrong; I love downtown Juneau. One of my favorite things about downtown Juneau was the coverings over the sidewalks. Color and care varied from building to building, but they all served to keep the tourists nice and dry.

A quick look up the mountain revealed clouds that looked like they were walking through the trees. They were never still.

Walking Clouds

The coolest part of downtown was the docks themselves. I didn’t go up to the rail and get any pictures of the water because there was a yellow line and a bunch of signs proclaiming that crossing it was a breach of security. Even though I was well away from the single cruise ship at port, there was someone patrolling, so I restrained myself.

The Medium-Thickness Yellow Line

I liked the effect of the moss at the bottom of the barrels. It was clinging to the fixtures attaching the barrels to the dock. It balanced out the foliage on top. I wonder how long the barrels have been there.

More pictures of downtown Juneau can be found on Flickr. This is the same album linked in the post titled Juneau Proper.

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