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Letter to My Graduating Students

Spring is here, and with it the end of the Japanese school year. I have been asked to write a letter to my students, which will appear in what is, as far as I can tell from the explanation I was given, their yearbook.

Spring 2013

Dear graduating students,

What are your dreams? How will you make them come true? These are questions which only you can answer. You’ll still see the friends you are leaving now, and they’ll still support you as much as the can. You’ll make new friends and they’ll support you, too. But if you want your dreams to come true, you must make use of all the tools at your disposal.

Think of Link, from the Legend of Zelda games. In every Zelda game, he has two main goals. One is to save Princess Zelda and the other is to keep the Triforce out of Ganondorf’s hands. How does he accomplish those goals? He uses various equipment.

He starts with nothing but a sword and shield, right? The only things he can do with those is defeat his enemies. He defeats his enemies until he finds another item, such as a boomerang. When he gets the boomerang, he can freeze enemies or get things that are far away. Then he can do more things and go more places. He uses his sword, shield, and boomerang until he gets another item. Then he can do even more things! As time goes on, he gets more and more items and becomes more and more powerful until he can accomplish his goals.

The things you learn in school are like the items Link gets. You can use the knowledge you have until you learn more, then use that new knowledge to get more and more powerful until you can accomplish your goals. Knowledge is a tool, and everything you learn opens paths to new places. We teachers have equipped you as best we can, but now you must use what we’ve given you.

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.


From the bottom of my heart,

Lena LeRay

Now, 日本語で:







ヒトリデキケンジャ コレヲ サズケヨウ!




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