LimbClock’s $1 Drawing

Six years later edit (April 21, 2019): This post needs a bit of extra context. It was migrated from my old blog, Of Crows, Nuts, and Bolts. That’s where my requested elements for the comission came from.

LimbClock's $1 Drawing

One of my Ludum Dare buddies was offering fun, $1 commissioned sketches, so I got one. I asked him to do something with a crow, a walnut, and a bolt (as in screw, not lightning).

I envisioned art involving those three things for [my old] blog back when I named it, but I am not artistically inclined and I never got around to it. I’m not going to use this as web site branding, I don’t think, but I do want it to be on here. So. Here it be.

Edit: I’m using this picture for my 404 page now! :D

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