EA Has Surprised Me

I am currently boycotting EA Games for many reasons, not the least of which is my last customer service interaction with them. I installed Origin today, though, because I already had a couple of games acquired through it and figured that was the easiest way to find out if they ever got ported to Mac (unlikely though that may be).

When I logged in, however, the number of games in my library was three times what I expected. Is this related to that terrible customer service experience, or something else?

Smurf EA and Their Customer Service, Too

I don’t think I blogged about the horrible customer service experience when it happened. Even if I weren’t boycotting EA in general, it would have been a good enough reason for my Sims 3 hiatus, but for whatever reason I never really recounted the experience on my blog. So here’s what happened.

I purchased The Sims 3 and three of its expansions through Steam when I still had a PC, not realizing that this covered only the PC version. After I got my Mac, I contacted EA’s customer service to see if I could get my Steam licenses revoked and get the game through Origin instead. My hopes weren’t very high, since Steam is owned by Valve and I wasn’t sure if EA had any control over that. I didn’t want any money back, though — I just wanted to be able to keep playing the games I had paid for.

However, the answer I got was insulting. Rather than citing an inability to revoke my Steam licenses, I was told that they wouldn’t help me because I hadn’t bought it through Origin. Steam wasn’t an “authorized retailer” and I therefore didn’t qualify for customer service at all.

How is Steam not an authorized retailer? It’s frelling Steam. The game wouldn’t be on there if EA said no!


Skipping ahead a year, I opened Origin today and logged in to find that all my Sims 3 content is now available to me.


I don’t have enough faith in EA to think that they changed their minds about giving me a break and decided not to tell me about it. I think what happened here is that since my Sims 3 purchases are registered with the same email address as my Origin account, a system update designed to integrate the two just tied the two accounts together.

It’s kinda nice to have The Sims 3 available to me again. They already have my money, so I plan to keep playing it. However, I’m still boycotting them — which means my Sims 3 Legacy Challenge Scorecard Spreadsheet updates are still going to be suspended for now. I could use Wiki information to update them, as I did for my last update, but I am kinda busy of late.

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