Phonics Shmupdate: Visible Progress! :D

6/2 updated screenshot of my phonics shmup

Here’s the proof that all the recent effort spent on refactoring my phonics shmup was worth it — things are visibly changing and gameplay is evolving. :D

I found a set of skyboxes on the asset store for unity that were made using NASA photos! I also got the player’s ship following the mouse cursor, and went back to autofire after all. Now the left mouse button (or space bar) is used to swap disruptor phonemes. There’s a proto-display for disruptor phonemes at the bottom of the screen, though the buttons don’t do anything yet. Their text does load automatically depending on what phonemes are loaded into the disruptor, though.

The next step is to make it so the player can swap disruptor phonemes by either pushing left/right or clicking the buttons in the corners to have the chosen phoneme swap places with the active one in the middle. Once choice is introduced instead of just rotating through, I’m gonna increase the minimum swap delay. Chose wrong? Better dodge, ’cause you won’t be killing that ship after all! Muahahaha!

Check out the newest build or the roadmap if you wanna.

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