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Sims 3 Hiatus

It seems I’ll be on a Sims 3 hiatus indefinitely.

I recently bought a shiny new Mac. This means a lot of the games I purchased through Steam, including The Sims 3, are not playable until I get my hands on a copy of Windows and set up dual boot through BootCamp. I contacted EA about getting my license changed from the PC version to the Mac version (because I’d rather run it natively), but since I didn’t purchase it through an “authorized distributor” they’re unwilling to help me.

My response: How is Steam not an authorized distributor?!


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Obligatory Start-Up Post

I wasn't going to have one of these. I created this web site/blog as a place to put all the great essays I craft in my head at odd moments. Now that I have the site created, I find that those essays elude me. Topics you can probably expect to see me write about include (but aren't limited to) the following...

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