Now in New Mexico

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It’s been a while since I posted anything here and the reason is that I’ve been busy moving from one side of the Pacific Ocean to the other. I am now in New Mexico. As I get settled in, there will be more content here.

Soon. Soon.


Sims 3 Hiatus

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It seems I’ll be on a Sims 3 hiatus indefinitely.

I recently bought a shiny new Mac. This means a lot of the games I purchased through Steam, including The Sims 3, are not playable until I get my hands on a copy of Windows and set up dual boot through BootCamp. I contacted EA about getting my license changed from the PC version to the Mac version (because I’d rather run it natively), but since I didn’t purchase it through an “authorized distributor” they’re unwilling to help me.

My response: How is Steam not an authorized distributor?!


Out of Town for a Wedding

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Well, I meant to post another Bright Green Gaijin Pants entry on Tuesday night, before I left town. I forgot to finish it up, though, and since all that really remains is adding photos back into it and those photos are on my PC at home… that’s not happening until I get back.

Downtown Juneau

I’m in Juneau for a friend’s wedding, which is going down tomorrow. It’s going to be a Catholic wedding, at a Catholic chapel outside of Juneau proper. We (Ash, Patti, and I)  were exploring the area this evening for the fun of it and came across the location, so we decided to check it out in case we don’t have time tomorrow. The place is gorgeous! More on that later, too; I forgot my camera when we went on our jaunt because Objective One was fast food.

If I have time tomorrow morning, I’ll post something about Canadian road signs (we drove instead of flying), but otherwise there will be no updates until Sunday night or sometime on Monday.

Have a good fourth of July, whether the date means something to you or not. It feels weird not to be throwing candy out of a fire truck this year.


Obligatory Start-Up Post

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I wasn’t going to have one of these. I created this web site/blog as a place to put all the great essays I craft in my head at odd moments. Now that I have the site created, I find that those essays elude me.

Topics you can probably expect to see me write about include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

  • Video games in general,
  • and specifically, World of Warcraft;
  • the embroidery industry;
  • topics brought up in my classes;
  • current events;
  • comparisons of life here in America to what I experienced in Japan;
  • and a multitude of Geeky Things.