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Lena LeRayMy name is Lena LeRay and this is my personal web site. My goal is for everything I publish here to amuse, educate, or stimulate readers in some fashion. However, I can’t promise that everything I put up will be a cut above (most of) the rest. Still, I hope that you’ll consider it to be at least above average.

A brief history of me: I was born in the United States to a military family and moved around a lot as a child. When people ask me where I’m from, I say Alaska, since that’s where the largest chunk of my youth was spent.

I’m a huge nerd; I study things for fun. My primary passion is gaming of all kinds — video, board, card, tabletop RPG, etc. I’ve been studying Japanese language and culture since I was 16 (and even got my degree in Japanese Studies). It makes me sad when a great cartoon such as Gargoyles or Avatar: The Last Airbender ends.

I appreciate good design, so a beautiful font makes me swoon. One of my favorite things on the face of the planet is the design of the envelopes made for Netflix to ship DVDs in. I don’t know if they still ship DVDs to people, but those envelopes were brilliant.

In 2011, I went to live in Hokkaido, Japan as a JET Program participant, teaching English to every kid in a town whose population is barely higher than the number of students who were at my high school when I graduated. I currently live in New Mexico, USA, and am looking for a job making video games. (Check out my CV or Ludography!)

Right now, I also do freelance writing for IndieGames.com. If you want to contact me about getting your game reviewed there, please use crowbeak at gmail dot com. For anything else, you can reach me at lena at lenaleray dot us.

Please don’t leave a comment about your game on this web site if you want it covered on IndieGames.com. They don’t belong here and will be deleted.


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