Welcome to my portfolio, which I like to call my Ludography. These are games I have made, listed with the most recent games at the top. This list is not comprehensive; since the list has increased in size, I’ve culled some of the Ludum Dare games off the list. You can check out my CV for a full list of games I’ve made or have a look at my Ludum Dare profile.

Untitled Phonics Shmup

Godot, Unity, C#

Peashooter, Unity - LudographyThis is my current project, a shmup designed to help learners of English as a second or foreign language get a grip on English phonics. By attaching letters to enemies and letting the player take down their shields only if they’re broadcasting a matching phoneme, I hope to create a game players can enjoy regardless of English skill.

A better understanding of English phonics will make the game easier, but not understanding phonics at all won’t make the game impossible. Competitive players will want to learn the phonics to get better at the game. Less competitive players can just play and hopefully soak up some knowledge while they’re at it.

The current version has only one level. WASD or arrow keys to move, left click to shoot, right click to swap disruptor phonemes.

Ultra Hat Dimension

December 3, 2015
Tiled Map Editor, Git, Copious Amounts of Graph Paper

A game about adorable hats and getting punched for wearing them.

My first commercial release! I didn’t make this one alone; it was my first team effort. We placed 24th overall in Ludum Dare 32 (April 2015), so we decided to polish it up and release it commercially. There’s a free demo and the full game is $5.

On the Growth of Ludum Dare and the Selection of Themes

Ludum Dare 33, August 2015
Twine, BFXR

On the Growth of Ludum Dare and the Selection of Themes - LudographyThis game is a meta work about Ludum Dare itself, an interactive essay done in Twine. I was unhappy with the winning theme for this Ludum Dare and worked through my ire by creating a game about theme selection. It placed 14th for humor, proving once and for all that I’m funniest when not trying to be.

Read Between the Tropes

Ludum Dare 29, April 2014

Read Between the Tropes - LudographyAre you a mech pilot or a magical guardian? Choose your path and at the end find out which tropes (common narrative elements) you traveled through along the way.

Make Tetrominoes!

Ludum Dare 28, December 2013
JavaScript, Enchant.js, GIMP, Git

Make Tetrominoes! - LudographyYour goal is to make whatever shape is currently displayed in the lower right-hand corner, in any rotated orientation, out of tiles of the same color. Each turn, two tiles are randomly generated and you must choose one to place.

Worst Gnome at the Factory

Ludum Dare 27, August 2013
JavaScript, Enchant.js, GIMP, Git

Worst Gnome at the Factory - LudographyYou are a gnome tasked with monitoring gauges on a machine to keep it from exploding. No gauge modifying device can be on for more than 10 seconds. Good luck!


Ludum Dare 25, December 2012
Python 2.7, Pyinstaller, Git

Decommissioner - LudographyDecommissioner is a simulation game with a text-only interface. It’s a dark, dystopian tale wrapped around a robot placement simulation.



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