Radio? LOLwhut?

I saw the trailer for the upcoming Transformers movie a few days ago, and so last night, I decided I wanted to end the day by watching the recent Transformers movie. I don’t own it, since I’m trying to reduce the number of things I own, so I looked for a place to watch it online. It took me a while to find one that wasn’t on Megavideo (which only lets you watch 74 minutes of video a day), split into five parts, or just plain crappy in quality. When I found one, I had to update the Divx web player and restart the browser, etc. I finally had it ready to go; I got myself a drink, a snack, my DS with Harvest Moon

And the power went out.

So I closed my laptop and played Harvest Moon until the power came back on fifteen or twenty minutes later. It still wasn’t too late to start the movie and get to bed at a decent hour, though I planned to (and did) go to work an hour early this morning. However, when I started the movie, I encountered the dreaded Buffer Monster. Play two minutes, buffer for one. Play half a minute, buffer for another. In despair, I decided to let it buffer overnight in preparation for watching this evening. (Which, by the way, I am doing right now.) I made sure the alarm was set and went to bed early.

Now, I recently switched from using the beep on the alarm to using the radio. I’ve found that not only is waking up that way a much more pleasant experience, I seem to have more energy throughout the day. So when my radio alarm went off this morning, I mumbled into my pillow, stretched, and lay there for a moment while I started to wake up. That’s when I noticed that it was still dark outside. I set the alarm for seven instead of eight, which is definitely earlier. But we’re into May, in Alaska, and seven in the AM isn’t that dark at this time of year. Thinking this was odd, I tuned in a little more carefully to the radio.

“…looking for the All-Spark, and we must find it before Megatron.”


Some beeps and gerks followed that, then Optimus Prime kept talking, telling Sam and his lady friend why the Transformers had come to earth.

Not the radio after all. When the movie had finished buffering, it started playback automatically, and I slept through the first half of the movie before Optimus Prime woke me up.