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Grad Cap Cupcake
Photo courtesy of clevercupcakes on Flickr.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that I haven’t updated in a while. Plans to post papers I was writing during the school year kinda fell flat. I still may post them here later. For now, I’d like to talk a bit about the school year and having graduated.

Last summer, when I decided to go back to Fairbanks and finish college ASAP, I called the academic advising center to talk about my options. I’d been a student long enough that my original course catalog had expired. However, the good news had two faces: I could use any catalog for the last seven years. Furthermore, a new (and more sane) set of Japanese Studies B.A. requirements had been pushed through in my absence. The result was that I’d be able to graduate by spring. Making it happen meant taking both of my required writing-intensive courses in the fall semester. However, I had only three classes to take (two of them 100-level) in the spring.