Trifecta: Poke for OSX,, and the Ender’s Game Trailer

Item one: there is now a Mac OSX build for Poke, the game I mentioned in my last post.

It can be downloaded from item two, which is my profile up at is a web site made by another Ludum Dare person. It’s designed to just be a place where indie game developers can host their game files. The site supports pay what you want models, with the minimum price being set by the developer and $0.00 being a viable minimum price. It’s a neat site.

Then there is item three, the first trailer for the Ender’s Game movie adaptation.

The book and I have a history. When I was 9, Ender’s Game became the first book so engrossing that I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to finish reading. To this day, it and its inseparable sequel Speaker for the Dead are, together, my favorite book. I’ve waited many, many years for this movie adaptation to come to fruition.

If I love this book so much, you might ask, why would I look forward to the adaptation? Aren’t they usually bad? Continue reading

Prince of Persia Movie Review

I’m pleased to say that I’m pleased by the movie Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. One thing it has going for it is that I can recommend it to just about anyone. As movies in general go, it’s pretty good; the acting is good, the pacing is good, the action is good. The soundtrack felt a little generic, but it suited the film just fine. The story is solid, coherent, and whole — which, again, is more than can be said for most movies based on video games. In short, it’s worth watching.

Compared to the Game

I played Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time right about when it came out. I was 79% of the way through the game (or so my save data assured me) when I lost the contents of my hard drive. I must confess that I left off finishing the game in despair — as any gamer knows, losing your save data unfairly is a great way to make you feel like doing anything but playing that game. It’s been seven years now, and I still haven’t picked it up again.

I’ve forgotten much about the game’s story. That will be rectified soon, since I’m reinstalling the game as I write this. However, that meant I went into the movie recalling certain elements and the feel of the game. While watching the movie, some things about the game came back to me. Most of the things I found myself remembering were different from the movie, but the changes made were good ones. Continue reading