The Guild’s New Geek Anthem Tops Amazon Charts

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The Guild has released another original music video, this time titled I’m the One That’s Cool. At the time of this writing, is the #1 MP3 purchase on Amazon in both the pop and rock categories. The music itself is pleasant to listen to, though nothing special. It’s the lyrics, however, that make the song stand out. In an era where nerdy is becoming cool, many of us who were uncool in high school can totally identify.

This new song is one of the first offerings from Geek & Sundry, a new YouTube channel put together by Felicia Day (The GuildDragon Age: Redemption) in cooperation with other high-profile geeks such as Wil Wheaton. I’m excited — the channel seems poised to offer good content.


Tangled, Part 1

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I didn’t get around to watching Disney’s Tangled until a few days ago. Though I missed it in theaters, it came up in a Facebook discussion about Pixar’s upcoming Brave. Reminded of it, I got my hands on it and watched it.

Watching the movie, I found myself conflicted. The parts I liked I really liked. The parts I didn’t like, I really didn’t like. There was very little in between. At the end of the movie I simply felt disappointed. So much was done well, but the parts that were done poorly left me with no desire to watch the movie again. Frustration prompted me to write a long consideration of its pros and cons. So long, in fact, that I’m breaking it up into multiple posts. (Hopefully the others will be shorter than this one.)

That said, I would like to point out up front that I do think the movie is worth watching.

The Tale


Traditionally, the story of Rapunzel starts with a pregnant, common-born woman having cravings for her neighbor’s vegetables. When the neighbor catches her husband sneaking into her garden to steal some for a third time, the neighbor demands the unborn child as payment. Since this neighbor is supposedly a witch, the couple complies out of fear.

The girl grows up to be beautiful and eventually the witch locks her in a tower. There she stays until a prince hears her singing and starts to court her when the witch isn’t around. When the witch finds out, she cuts off Rapunzel’s long hair, which is the only way into the tower, and casts her out. When next the prince comes by, the witch blinds him. Though there are several variations on the ending, typically Rapunzel and the prince eventually get lucky and find each other again.

Tangled sets itself up with a modified origin story, adding a magic element to Rapunzel herself and setting up for a very different tale. I won’t summarize the whole movie (though there are spoilers ahead). However, I do need to tell you about the five-minute back story with which the movie begins.


5 Songs With Great Covers

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Many song covers are nothing special. However, some musicians take a song and make it their own, producing a work of art that’s at least as good as the original.

I’d like to take a moment to honor some particularly good covers, in no particular order. They’re listed by original song instead of by cover because a couple of these have been beautifully covered multiple times.