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Making the Best Use of Recount, Part 2: Display Window Basics

This is the second in a series of posts about Recount, an add-on for World of Warcraft. It gathers and reports on data taken during combat.

Display Window Basics

The main window is the only one you’ll ever see if you don’t play around with the addon much. It gives you the most basic summaries of the collected data, shown as ranked bar charts. It also has a number of buttons serving various purposes. Not all of these buttons appear on all windows.

Recount: The Basic Window

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On Being a Good World of Warcraft Player

Too many World of Warcraft players rely on this:

World of Warcraft Recount DPS chart

as an indicator of how good a player one is. Or on the color of the names of one’s gear. Or on how fast they got from 0 to 80. None of these are good indicators. There’s also a vast difference in what it takes to be good at PvP versus being good at PvE. (Usually, people who are good at PvP are also good at PvE, though the reverse is far less common.) Since I personally suck at PvP, having little interest in it, I will focus here on what it takes to be a good PvE player.


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