The Word “Nigger”

10 years later edit (March 24, 2019): I’ve grown as a person in the past ten years. Many of the things I wrote here – about how it doesn’t make sense for it to be okay for black people to use the word nigger, my then-scorn for the guy in WoW who chided me about using the word in chat, etc. – no longer reflect my views. I’m sorry.

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West High’s [Politically Correct] 2009 Jr. Prom

10 years later edit (March 24, 2019): I’ve learned things since writing this and no longer fully agree with what I posted here. I now understand the need for ensuring diverse inclusion in things in general and totally see the point of the teacher who objected to an all-white prom court.

However, I still don’t feel like adding diverse candidates retroactively was necessarily the way to go here. Were any of those late additions chosen? If they didn’t win the votes for nomination to start with, how could they hope to win enough votes at the event?

I sincerely hope West High has found a way to address the systemic imbalances that led to their all-white prom court in a school boasting such a diverse student body.

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