The Sims 3 Legacy Challenge Scorecard Spreadsheet v2.00

Well, it’s been forever since I updated my Sims 3 Legacy Challenge Scorecard Spreadsheet. This new version is usable with every expansion up to and including Showtime.

On the Aspiration Rewards Worksheet, I included the Young Again Potion and the Age Freezing Potion for completeness, even though I think they violate the spirit of the challenge. I did not include most of the Pets aspiration rewards because they are usable on pets only and pets are not bloodline.

Sorry it’s taken so long. The spreadsheet (.xls) can be downloaded from 4shared. The newest version of the spreadsheet can always be accessed from here, though as of this edit (August 4, 2013) the spreadsheet is on indefinite hiatus because I am boycotting EA.