Pondering… PS4 Stream Blocking

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Three years later edit (April 21, 2019): Although I still agree with most of this, if I were writing this script today, I wouldn’t say Japanese companies “don’t understand the internet.” It’s true that companies like Square-Enix, Nintendo and Atlus have made moves involving Let’s Play videos that boggle my mind. It feels like they’re trying to control things that can’t be controlled. However, I now have a better understanding of cultural differences and law. I can only assume they’re dealing with pressures beyond my ken, though I’m still not down with the results.

I was rather salty about the fact that Square-Enix uses the PS4’s stream blocking capabilities on cutscenes in FFX/X-2 HD Remaster. Having gained some distance between me and the making of my FFX let’s play, I’ve made a video talking about why I think it’s a bad thing to for Square-Enix to have done and how I think the blocking might have come about.