Suikoden: Tierkreis Review for Long-Standing Suikoden Fans

This review of Suikoden: Tierkreis is specifically intended for people who’ve been fans of the Suikoden series for a long time, a discourse about how Tierkreis compares to the rest of the Suikoden games. It doesn’t cover the basics a normal review would give you, and it doesn’t involve any kind of scoring system. If you’re looking for basic information on the graphics and sound quality and blah blah blah, well… you can find that elsewhere, written by people who do that for a living. If you’re just wanting to know if you can expect a real Suikoden experience from Tierkreis, however, then this review is for you.

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SuikOh Noes!

I’ve been a fan of the Suikoden games for a long time. Even through the disappointments that were the third and fourth games in the series, I’ve retained, on the whole, a positive attitude towards the series. I haven’t played Rhapsodia (retitled Suikoden Tactics for its English release) yet, but the fifth game in the main series was good.

I first encountered mention of Suikoden: Tierkreis for the Nintendo DS on when I was engaged in purchasing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (which, by the way, rocks my socks). The trailers available showed me a different graphical style than I’m used to, so I looked up previews of the English version and reviews of the Japanese version of the game. Everything I read indicated that the game is neither in the main story nor even in the same world. Furthermore, it seems they’ve modified the gameplay to make it a stepping stone into the Suikoden games for newbies.

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