Crowbeak’s Gaming Gala

These are a selection of videos from my YouTube channel, Crowbeak’s Gaming Gala. The channel is far from new, but it’s only this year that I’ve really worked to produce quality content on a regular basis. I love playing, analyzing, and making games, so my focus is less on raw reaction and more on the analytical side of things.

My most watched video (aside from my Ludum Dare 34 Keynote) is this video I did on Mini Metro, which was one of my favorite games of 2015. It’s a pretty straightforward review of the game.

My video on That Dragon, Cancer, on the other hand, examines the emotional journey on which the game takes players.

Sometimes I talk about game design topics in general, as in this video. In it, I talk about the term ‘roguelike’ and the ways in which it is used and misused. This is one of the key videos on my channel, since I use the terms defined in it regularly.

Other times, I record myself trying games blindly. The following video of me trying out Wave Mechanics started as a simple let’s play. However, I got into some pretty heavy discussion of puzzle game design. (The video description on YouTube has time stamp links to the heaviest points of design discussion.)

And last but not least, I try to have one long-form let’s play going at any given time. The first of these was me playing through Final Fantasy X for the umpteenth time, focusing commentary on the game’s design and storytelling. Although its overall quality is a bit rough, I’m pretty happy with the discussions I was able to pull out of the game.